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Sankai Juku

Dance Company

Founded and presided over by Ushio Amagatsu in 1975. They began performing overseas in 1980, and made Theatre de la Ville in Paris, one of the greatest contemporary dancing locations in the world, their home theater in 1982. Ever since then, they have been presenting a new production almost every two years.

Pomegranate Arts, Inc.


A US agent that handles contemporary artists, including Sankai Juku, Phillip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

Per Diem Co.


A French agent that manages Sankai Juku’s tours in Europe and the South American continent. Many dance companies belong to this agent.

Kurashiki Sakuyo University

Music school

Their Music Design Department, where Yoichiro Yoshikawa is specially-appointed as a professor, have a curriculum for composing and recording, as well as web design and video creation in order to nurture all-round creators for the next generation. The classes are given at the dedicated recording studio and two halls located next to the studio.

Takashi Kako


Trained in classical piano since childhood, and learned music composition at undergraduate and graduate schools of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. While studying under Olivier Messiaen and following the path of a modern music composer, he also has a history of devotion to free jazz (impromptu) during his time in Paris.



Composed music for Tatsumi Hijikata’s dance company since when he studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After graduation, he moved to Bali and learned gamelan music. His involvement in music production for Sankai Juku began in 1982.

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