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Yoshikawa Yoichiro Portrait

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Hailing from Kagawa Prefecture,
Yoshikawa began Sankai Juku activities while he was still a student at Tsukuba University, College of Natural Science (Faculty of Science). In 1980, he went to Europe with Sankai Juku. He later returned to Japan and became active as a keyboardist for the rock group “Yapoos” between 1985 and 1993. During that time, he released six CDs and many video clips, and held a number of national tours.

Concurrently, he was also active as a solo artist, working on ambient music and TV commercials. He also created considerable broadcasting music for various programs, such as NHK’s “the Miracle Planet” and “News 10,” as well as producing and contributing music to artists like Princess Princess, Agnes Chan and Yuki Saito. After 1982, he worked on music for Sankai Juku with Takashi Kako and YAS-KAZ. The latest series from Sankai Juku is scheduled for world premier in Sept 2012 at Opera National de Lyon.

Yoshikawa's representative works include the Sankai Juku production “HIBIKI” (received the Lawrence Olivier Award in 2002, which is given to the best theatrical art in England), NHK’s program “The Miracle Planet” (received the JASRAC International Award in 1993, which is given to the Japanese composer who achieved the highest international sales), and the Sankai Juku production “TOKI - A Moment in the Weave Time” (received Grand Prize at the 6th Asahi Performing Arts Awards in 2006 ).

Began producing the DVD footage of Sankai Juku productions in 2006.

for TV Proglam CM &Movie


NHK’s program “The Miracle Planet” (1987)
broadcast in 14 countries around the world.
Won the JASRAC International Award
NHK “Weekend Seminar” theme song (1985)
NHK “Minna no Uta” theme song (1985)
NHK Takamatsu “Seto Ohashi Watching” (1988)
CX Suntory’s special program “Hansen Densetsu” (1988)


NTV “Kore ga Great Himalayas da” (These are the Great Himalayas) (1990)
NHK “20-Seiki no Gunzo”(Images of the 20th century) theme song (1990)
NHK “News 11” and “News 9” (1995-1999)
NHK “High Vision Album” (1995)
Kansai TV’s 40th anniversary memorial program “Siberia Tora to Mori no Shiki” (Siberian Tiger and the Four Seasons of the Forest) (1998)


NHK Niigata “Kiratto Niigata” (2000)
NHK “News 10” (2001)
German ZDF production movie “Cross over - Indien trifft Deutshland im tanz” (2001)
NHK BS “Key Persons Konshu no Shuyaku” (Key Persons This Week’s Major Player) (2002-)
NHK ED “Nyan Chu to Issho” (Together with Mew and Eep) (2003-)
NHK “Ogenki Desuka Nippon Retto”(Hello Japan) (2003-)
NHK “Shukan Keizai Rasinban” (Weekly Economic Compass) (2004-)
NHK BS2 “Kyo Kara Maoh!” (2004-)
NHK BS2 “Kyo Kara Maoh!”series Part 2 (2004-)
Produced Taiwanese TV commercial music for Sony (2006)
Produced TV commercial music for Sekisui House
Produced music for “Kyo Kara Maoh!”OVA DVD series (2007)
Produced music for NHK BS2 “Kyo Kara Maoh!”series Part 3 (2008-)

Multimedia &Game


OZ (1992) Received the Victor Musical Industries Hit Award
Created by Natsumi Itsuki, Published in Hakusensha’s LaLa
OVA, Soundtrack CD (Victor JVC)
OVA (JVC) and the soundtrack CD (Crammed Discs in Belgium) were released in Europe and the US.
Iria: Zeiram (1994) Created by Keita Amemiya (Entry piece for Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival)
OVA, Soundtrack CD (Victor JVC)
Broadcast in the US, Canada and several Asian countries
Green Legend Ran (1995) OVA, Soundtrack CD (Pioneer LDC) Kodansha’s Teen’s Heart Collection, Mito Orihara series (1996) Image CD (Columbia) Bastard(1996) Created by Kazushi Hagiwara, Published in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Comics
PlayStation game/Soundtrack (Victor JVC)
B.B. Fish (1997) Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Comics
OVA, Soundtrack (Pioneer LDC)
CD-ROM “Ryoma ga Yuku”(1998) Written by Ryotaro Shiba
narration by Ken Watanabe


CD-ROM “Moeyo Ken”(2000) Written by Ryotaro Shiba Sankai Juku “UNETSU” DVD (2006)Producer and production Sankai Juku “TOKI” DVD (2006)Shoot at Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center Sankai Juku “KAGEMI” DVD (2006)Shoot at Matsumoto Geijutsu Gekijo Sankai Juku “HIBIKI” DVD (2006)Shoot and production at Saitama Geijutsu Gekijo Sankai Juku “KAGEMI” DVD (2009)Shoot and production at KAMAKURA Art Center School song for University of TSUKUBA “Imagine The Future” DVD (2011) Sankai Juku “UTSUSHI” DVD (2012)Shoot and production at Kitakyushu Art Center School song for University of TSUKUBA “Imagine The Future” DVD (2012)

for Amusument Park &Performance


Tokyo Sea Life Park (1989)
Seto Ohashi Expo, Shikoku Pavilion (1988)
Saitama Expo, Theme Pavilion (1988)
Asian-Pacific Expo, Saison Pavilion (1989)
Mitsubishi Bank floor music
Yurakucho Seibu environmental music “Shoko” (1985)


Panasonic Joho Tsushin System “TDC Bird”, “21-Seiki e no Josho”(Prologue to the 21century)(1992)
The 48th National Sports Festival, East Shikoku Kokutai (1992)Music Director Saison Art Museum “Toho e no Dokei - Napoleon no Egypt Shi, Supervised by Hiroshi Aramata” (Adoration for the East - Napoleon’s Egyptian History) (1995)
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History (1997)
Sport Festival for all high schools in Japan (1998)Music Director


Yoichiro Yoshikawa solo concert as cultural program at Kagawa Prefectural Hall (2000)
Shiseido’s “ZEN” international presentation
Bishin Jumonji’s temporary theater, designed by the architect Tadao Ando (2001)
Bishin Jumonji’s photo exhibition “KOSHIRO” (2002)
at Bunkamura Gallery Contributed music to the Indian dancer Shantala Shivalingappa’s solo project(2007)
at the Theatre de la Ville-Abbesses in Paris, France

Music production for Sophie Marceau “Une histoire d'ame”(2011)
Theatre de Rond Point, Paris
Theatre de Lyon Celestins, Lyon
Playwright:Ingmar Bergman Direction:Benedicte Acolas


Yoichiro Yoshikawa solo albums (Toshiba EMI)

“Music for the Miracle Planet”, “A Dream of AKU AKU”, “KYPLOS”, “Taiyo no Matsuge”

Sankai Juku series (io-factory)


Jun Togawa & YAPOOS

“Tamahime Den”, “Kyokuto Ian Shoka”, “Suki Suki Daisuki”, “YAPOOS Keikaku”, “Daitenshi no Yoni”, "Dial Y o Mawase!”

Sound production for Sankai Juku

Since 1979, Yoichiro Yoshikawa has been involved with sound production for Sankai Juku. Having the Theatre de la Ville in Paris as their home theater, Sankai Juku have given performances in a total of over 700 cities and 41 countries in Europe, the US, Oceania, and Asia since 1982.

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