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Are there any posters or prints for sale of Sankai Juku? with thanks,

You can order SANKAI JUKU photobook here AMAZON france.

Thank you for fast and easy delivery and for great performance and music. Regards from Germany B.-Wurttemberg Germany

your music is wonderful.. let me know if complete sound tracks from the tv set "the miracle planet" are available ? SARREGUEMINES FRANCE

Hello, I have received the CD, thank you very much. Best wishes, United Kingdom (England)

Attended a performance in Detroit in the late '80s, and I've been waiting for a DVD for years. PA USA

Thank you for the last order. It arrived safley and on time. Many thanks.Dommo Arigato. New Zealand.

Thank u very much for your mail, I hope I can sep on buying some of your music once I receive the first one. I only have one question. When do u think it will be arriving? I very much know it will take some time to come to Mexico but I only want to have an idea about the delivery time. I saw this event two years ago in Vienna Austria during the Impulstanz event and I would like to see it once again. Do u think there could be a chance for this Dance company to make a tour in Mexico? I know some people from Theaters and I think they would be very much interested to show this event in Mexico. Again thanks in advance Mexico.

Hello, My name is ***** and I really hope you can help me. I am despretly seeking music by the name of "Shijima, the darkness calms down the space" by Yas-Kaz/ Yoichiro Yoshikawa. I live in Sweden and it seems impossible to find it here. Please can you help me? Sweden

I understood. I just appreciate their performance in Taiwan.They have been here for 4 times in the past years! and I have appreciated their 3 performance ! and I have collect 3 performance posters of the 4 times performance! I am their fan for good! I love their performance very deeply and their music too!!! WISH YOU A BEAUTIFUL DAY ! Taiwan, R.O.C.

thanks ever so much, this time I can realise that it is true when you doing business with people from can always get fully satisfactory ! Hope my friend will love this well prepared gift. Thanks again! London UK

I have just discovered Sankai Juku(sorry for so late) as last night I was at the representation of HIBIKI. I was just overwhelmed by this piece, as well as by the music, which reminded me of Gorecki's 3rd symphony, which he wrote for the Holocaust. As I said, I went in without having read anything about this, and it was good, so I had no preformed idea of any kind. But the parellelity was immediately there, the identification or your music with the drammaturgy of the scenes and its silences, its loudloss cries. It was an extraordinary experience. Thank you. Spain

I would like to know if Unetsu is the only dvd of Sankai Juku? Does the performances Toki, Kagemi and Hibiki are available on dvd? Also I would like to know if Sankai Juku could have a performance in Mexico City and other Mexican cities? Thank you very much Mexico

Please send me this DVD as soon as possible and also, advise when further publications are available on sankai juku Thank you Very truly yours Madrid, Spain

Please send as soon as possible to the address in Italy. It is for Christmas gift!! New York USA

Please send me DVD as soon as possible. It'll be a gift to somebody I love :)Wadowice/Poland

this is one of my favorite films/performances of all time. thank you so much.i love this dvd-m Philadelphia USA

i've seen unetsu at rio de janeiro. when it'll hapen again? it would be wonderful. sao joao del rei BRASIL

Thank you for making this work available on DVD. Will there be more Sankai Juku performances available in the future? I hope so! Dallas, Tx USA

i saw your show for the first time in La Rochelle. My heart was moved for a long time. BUSSY SAINT-GEORGES FRANCE

amazing music. thank you! Los Angeles

I love you IO-Factory!!! love, NY USA

I have received today the DVD. Many many thanks !!! Best regards MENILMONTANT,PARIS

I received the DVD, and I watched Unetsu. I'm very happy. Thank you very much. Quebec, CANADA

Dear l0- Factory! Today l saw a DVD Unetsu- Sankai Juku. Thank you wery much, l'm so happy. Domonyvgy Hungary

FANTASTIC!!! do you know when it might be available?.will there be more Sankai Juku DVD performances in the future?i cant wait. wish it would come out sooner, BUT i will just have to wait. Los Angeles, CA

Excellent! I will look for UNETSU on 4 November. If you have a mailing list, please inform me when these other DVD's become available, for I am most interested in them. Thank you again.Brooklyn, New York

Thank you very very much for the extra CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All the best from Linz/Austria (where I´ve seen SankaiJuku on stage in the theatre called Posthof-fantastic performance!! Linz/Austria

I got "SANKAIJUKU BOXSET " today(8/23)Actualy, I got a notice from USPS on 8/21 but I havn't had time to go there. It was very first and smooth transaction!! Thank you so much New York/USA

Thank you very much for your help, my order is now registered. I will be happy to listening these CDs. Best regards and Happy New YearPARIS / FRANCE

Arigato for wonderful music which brings cheer all year 'round. Akyemashta omedeto.Tucson Arizona USA

Thank you very very much!! I have received the CD this afternoon and am very pleased. You have wonderful music, and excellent service. i will recommebd you to my friends! Please let me know if you get any NEW items for sale! Thanks you again!!Santa Monica CA USA

beautiful emotional music !Paris FRANCE

I am very exciting ...Koeln NRW Germany

Hello. I recently ordered and received HIBIKI. I love it! Thank you.Los Angeles SCA USA

Sankai Juku was here in a lovely beautiful fun clear warm mirror and great performance this weekend I enjoyed as always,have been touched by them since the 80th and always enjoyed the music is well.Stockholm Sweden

Dear Sirs Thanks a lot for your kind help and assistance! I'll come back to visit your site !!!! Have a nice day

i want to buy the cd's of Sankai Juku soundtrack HIBIKI 1998 and KAGEMI 2000, the other cd i have because i have order with the Bigfish music, now i'm looking for the two cd HIBIKI and Kagemi..... it's many time that i'm looking for and finally i have found this site!Firenze Italy

Thank you!Spotsylvania VA USA

looking forward to receiving the CD!Vienna Austria

Thank you so much for the Sanki Juku performances I have seen. I hope someday that you produce a video DVD of the performances.Portland OR USA

Thank you.Pittsburgh PA USA

Saw Hibiki last night. Unbelievably terrific!redondo beach CA USA

Thank you!Philadelphia PA USA

I would love to watch Sankai Juku DVD's, too!San Francisco CA USA

I saw the Hibiki performance at BAM the other day and fell in love with the music and the dance!Brooklyn NY USA

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